I don't even know but I need to post this.

Slowpoke Collection (of memes) or something like memes but whatever

also added a well wall along the outside. I feel content now.
Also requested SMJ to send my package home, which is sure to be stuffed full of pokemon goodies!
Ohhhh?! I see someone sneaking into Pokemon Time!
And look at those little patches! I have a soft spot for Cubone.
I'm just going to sleep over here now

92 photos have been added! I am very tired!
Added more pictures to the Ellusive page, 90% of which are from caffwin's site, because WE SEEM TO HAVE EACH OTHER'S WANTS lollolol

also making a list of things slowpoke has cruelly been excluded from
chou get (seriously? not a single one?)
pokemon time
friends plush
pokedex figure
fuzzy figure

new search terms I learned today
ポケ ワッペン (patches)
ポケ スタンプ (stamps)
ポケ スタンプ 烈伝 (retsuden stamps)
ポケ フィギュア (figures)
ミニ ポケ (mini)

ポケ メタル (metal)
ポケ バッジ (badge)
ポケモンミニモデル (minimodel)
ポケ しゴム (eraser)
ポケ けし (keshipoke)

ガルーラ (kangaskhan)
カラカラ (cubone)
Added some TEXT to go with existing collection photos. Also to some blank ones that I need to fill.

Lazer what are you doing you're supposed to be getting photos

also keep an eye on Kari http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/6982058.html and http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/6326507.html?thread=174995947#t191860971

and place to store my sales post.. Hopefully permanent this time.

decided the old layout was too restrictive :x so I went and made it full-page, and I feel much more free, now! I just need to tweak the header more.

planning on taking those pictures soon, so prepare for that!

things owed to me:
knienke: talking bulbasaur and agumon (made first payment)
caffwin: slowpoke settei and postcard (received)
fizzycat: kangaskhan zukan, mew ecard, minun card
dezchu: flegmon slowpoke, giovanni magikarp, kangourex kanga, ecard meowth (received)
captainangel: meganium, :'( omanyte, pikachu, slowbro cards (received)
ebay: slowpoke trainer card (received)
Threw in some new pages.. I think I'll put in some old photos just to get some meat on the collection page. I'll skip the ones that are too cluttered or have low res. 

Added some affiliates, too!

Slowpoke Customs page is finished (thanks to it being so short hoho)
Slowpoke Plush page in under way.
シール ポケ poke seal
ポケ セット poke set
バック ポケ poke bag
ポケ ぬいぐるみ poke plush
ヤド ポケ poke yado
ヤドン yadon

I've fixed the menu bar by adding a stupidly obvious bit of CSS code, so that's good to go!

I keep adding pages, so hopefully I'll get a day to retake individual photos of my entire Slowpoke collection. 14 hour shifts does not an energetic person make!