I believe I'm still behind, but I have to go through some stuff to figure out what I haven't posted yet. Will get back to it. 

Will also add details of new things soon. 
So I added a couple of new items to the plush section, other section, figures, and flats. It's still not everything, and I need to combine some pictures but auuugh so lazy. 

Sadly I'm still behind in taking some pictures-- like all my Pokemon Time things!
__sasami__: slowpoke sealdass card (received)
unknownrevenge: slowpoke coin (received)
usakochan: pins! (received)
kriscarmi: mewtwo lightup keychain (received)
???: Slowpoke/bro dex oldschool stickers (received)
capnkirby: politoed + shinx plush (received)
lonepichu: slowpoke pog (received)
fizzycat: slowpoke topps card (received)
neonr0se: mew pokedoll (received)
dark_gengar94: slowpoke marble (received)
caffwin: big ebay lot (received)
pachisan: slowbro stamp, pichu stamp, seel diorama(received)
???: Slowbro tomy (received)
first_mate_kate: slowpoketail custom (received)
ebay: corsola strap (received)
card set 1 (japan) (received)
card set 2 (french) (received)

in the works:
berugii: walkie slowpoke custom sculpt (waiting list) (received)
Requested shipment from SMJ, so hopefully it'll be getting here soon! I don't know what to do about the camera situation, since mine finally bit the dust and I won't be getting a new one until Christmas. We're also out of batteries, apparently. Thankfully it's only a few weeks from now!

So updates will have to wait for a while :( Oh man, there's so much to add!

ETA: 12/17 SMJ sends shipping invoice :)

12/20 Package made it to me! Ahh, it doesn't feel like I ordered very much this time around.. but they're all great items!
Man, I really hate their search function sometimes. For the longest time, I could just search for "ポケ" plus whatever other term I wanted, and I could hook stuff from both Pokemon and Pocket Monsters, instead of doing two separate searches. But Y!J goes through cycles or something where suddenly I'll have to be extremely precise with my search term, or it won't turn up anything at all. 

ETA: Seems it was a layout change? Ohhh FINALLY! I can see 100 items per page! Took you guys long enough, huh. Seems I also get the results for Pocket Monsters even if I use Pokemon as my search term? Vice-versa as well. Huh. I still want the old search style back, but this is pretty cool. Actually, it's really convenient, I just wish I was able to get vague searches again.

Baaaah. At least I have some extremely awesome things waiting for me until I decide to ship it all home! Maybe I'll do it in December.
caffwin: slowpoke amada sticker, chopstick rest, card (received)
eevee_kins: slowpoke bouncy ball (received)
ktmonkeyj: slowpoke time bank, clearfile, minipad, charm (received)
rypeltajaroll: slowpoke time tin (received)
rocket_chick: dewgong seal book (with slowpoke!) (received)
eevee_kins: slowpoke meiji plate, various minimodels! (received)
eevee_kins: ana bento box (received)
koujakai: slowbro eraser and BK slowpoke card (received)
that_zorua: psyduck grabber (received)
nameless555: clefairy and togepi meiji charms (received)
__sasami__: slowpoke sealdass card
caffwin: slowpoke 2000 pin (received)
99reddrifloons: slowpoke/bro minimodels (received)
captkirby: quagsire line zukan, psyduck BK plush (received)
ebay: slowpoke kraks (received)
slowpoke cards (received)

in the works: 

Naturally I've gotten a couple things in that I need to add onto here..

and more



And a tin! I've seen the multipattern with lapras, teddiursa, politoed, and pikachu. Willing to bet there's more!

There are also pens sdkjashd
On top of the new piggybank, more is coming up! Gah, why is Cubone in this wave too? My money!
I'm tired of running back and forth between posts, SO..

クリア ポケモン (clear)
ポケモン 鉛筆 (pencil)
ポケモン ムービー (movie)
すずなり ポケモン (bell plush)
だきつき ポケモン (grabber)
ポケ チャーム (charm)
メイジ ポケ (meiji)
明治 ポケ (also meiji)
プレート ポケ (plate)
ストラップ ポケ (strap)
クリップ ポケ (clip)
キーチェーン ポケ (keychain)
マスコット ポケ (mascot)
いろいろ ポケ (various)
コレクション ポケ (collection)
シール ポケ  seal
ポケ セット  set
バック ポケ  bag
トート tote
ポケ ぬいぐるみ  plush
ヤド ポケ  yado
ヤドン yadon
ヤドラン yadoran
ヤドキング yadoking
ポケモンセンター (pokemon center)
缶 ポケ (poke can)
ポケ ワッペン (patches)
ポケ スタンプ (stamps)
ポケ スタンプ 烈伝 (retsuden stamps)
ポケ フィギュア (figures)
ミニ ポケ (mini)
ポケ メタル (metal)
ポケ バッジ (badge)
ポケモンミニモデル (minimodel)
ポケ しゴム (eraser)
ポケ けし (keshipoke)
ポーチ (pouch)
ケース (case)
タオル (towel)
にぎにぎ ポケモン (squishy?)
キーホルダー (key holder/keychain)
ガシャポン (gashapon)
カードダス (carddass)
ガルーラ (kangaskhan)
カラカラ (cubone)

ヤドン mbok
things owed to me:
jirachi-chan6: custom sculpt slowpoke on apple bar (http://jirachi-chan6.livejournal.com/2381.html?thread=38989#t38989) (received)
knienke: talking bulbasaur and agumon
eevee_kins: slowpoke bouncyball (in the works)
fizzycat: kangaskhan zukan, mew ecard, minun card (received)

iamdish: slowpoke dome, BK kanga, 2 animal crossing charms (blue bear and kitty) (received)
gin: pokabu plush (received)
ewokie: mew, squirtle, marill talking figures (received)
ebay: slowpoke meiji promo (received)
cubone etc sliders (received)

Also, setting up the "Other Collections" section, and hopefully will take pictures tomorrow!