Man, I really hate their search function sometimes. For the longest time, I could just search for "ポケ" plus whatever other term I wanted, and I could hook stuff from both Pokemon and Pocket Monsters, instead of doing two separate searches. But Y!J goes through cycles or something where suddenly I'll have to be extremely precise with my search term, or it won't turn up anything at all. 

ETA: Seems it was a layout change? Ohhh FINALLY! I can see 100 items per page! Took you guys long enough, huh. Seems I also get the results for Pocket Monsters even if I use Pokemon as my search term? Vice-versa as well. Huh. I still want the old search style back, but this is pretty cool. Actually, it's really convenient, I just wish I was able to get vague searches again.

Baaaah. At least I have some extremely awesome things waiting for me until I decide to ship it all home! Maybe I'll do it in December.
6/23/2012 04:22:59 am

Interesting thoughts.


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