caffwin: slowpoke amada sticker, chopstick rest, card (received)
eevee_kins: slowpoke bouncy ball (received)
ktmonkeyj: slowpoke time bank, clearfile, minipad, charm (received)
rypeltajaroll: slowpoke time tin (received)
rocket_chick: dewgong seal book (with slowpoke!) (received)
eevee_kins: slowpoke meiji plate, various minimodels! (received)
eevee_kins: ana bento box (received)
koujakai: slowbro eraser and BK slowpoke card (received)
that_zorua: psyduck grabber (received)
nameless555: clefairy and togepi meiji charms (received)
__sasami__: slowpoke sealdass card
caffwin: slowpoke 2000 pin (received)
99reddrifloons: slowpoke/bro minimodels (received)
captkirby: quagsire line zukan, psyduck BK plush (received)
ebay: slowpoke kraks (received)
slowpoke cards (received)

in the works: 

Naturally I've gotten a couple things in that I need to add onto here..

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