Other Collections

These are my much smaller, much more scattered collections. Since I don't have all the funds in the world, I try to focus my entire attention on Slowpoke. Some of these formed by mistake, while others were completely intentional. Some of these I shouldn't even consider a collection, honestly, but I do! I tend to keep these small, since I am much, much choosier with what I buy for these guys, as opposed to buying EVERYTHING with Slowpoke on it. Bias? Never.
I can tell you for sure that I once I start drawing a Pokémon a lot, I become extremely attached to it.

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A very small, very loose collection of my favorite water turtle. To be honest, Wartortle was my favorite Pokémon since it first came out. I even drew a Wartortle to turn in to some kid's drawing contest thing. I didn't win, but whatever I was like 9. Fuzzy turtles!
Slowpoke's best friend! How could I not collect the doofy duck?
Useless fish! I do love him so.
My collection of.. one item. I'd like for this one to grow!
Tiny electric squirrel omg aww
ALSO very small, and I don't really actively collect this one anymore. Hrm.